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Finding The Key To The Perfect Waffle

Waffle making has come a long way in the past 60 years. With the advent of ready-to-eat from many fast food outlets and ready-to-heat frozen waffles from supermarkets, the Nation's appetite for these treats has just grown. So who still makes waffles from scratch at home? Well, if truth be told, anyone who believes in the better quality of home cooking in general and waffle aficionados in particular.

There are two types of waffle and any individual waffle maker machine is designed to only make one type of waffle. The classic waffle that we as a nation have historically known, is the thin and crispy American waffle with fairly shallow pockets designed into the top. This is traditionally one of the country's most favored breakfast time dishes. The second type of waffle was introduced to the United States in the 1960's at the World Food Festival in New York. This is the Belgian Waffle and is thicker, while retaining a crispy brown surface and has deep pockets on top that it can accommodate large dollups of whipped cream, syrup, jam or the savoury addition of such things (or so I've been advised) as bacon and sausage. In the intervening years, the Belgian waffle has become as popular, possibly more popular, than its American cousin.

So having decided on your preferred type of waffle, you need to choose a waffle maker. Today, the electric waffle maker machine far out-sells the traditional waffle iron which was basically two cast iron plates held in a flat pan with long handles that was used on top of a cooking stove. These are still available, but give far less control of the baking process and can be rather messy to use. The following video shows the many features of a modern electric waffle maker:

Today's electric waffle makers not surprisingly address the heat source issue by having heating elements designed into the pan that holds the two grid plates. This allows for far greater control of the whole baking process.

The waffle making process is dependent on starting with the right batter mix. It is down to personal preference and taste as to whether you make the batter from scratch or buy ready-to-cook from a store.

The key to making perfect, reproducible waffles each time is then to find a machine that gives you all the control of the process that you personally want.

Most electric machines come with removable, non-stick plates, which not only ensure a clean removal of the waffle from the machine when ready, but also help with the washing up afterwards.

As with any baking machine, you need to try your chosen waffle mix several times in your new waffle maker machine, adjusting the various control settings until you have the exact specification which gives you the perfect waffle that you want to reproduce each time. You will the find that if you stick to that exact process every time, you will get perfectly reproduced waffles every time , no matter how many hungry mouths you are trying to feed.

Should you require more information on what electric waffle maker machines are currently available, make a visit to this link where you will find reviews of all the best waffle makers.

The Halogen Oven Cooking Technique

How can a small cooking device like a halogen oven possibly replace your broiler, range, microwave, and toaster? The answer is just as a simple as the halogen oven itself.

Halogen oven cooking methods are simple. This kind of oven uses electricity to move heat from the halogen bulbs which in turn is responsible for cooking the food.

With a microwave oven you also use electricity to heat or cook food. The main problem is that the heat is not as controlled. As a result in just a few seconds your muffin can turn into a hard lump or your chicken could dry out just because you timed it wrong. This won't happen with the halogen oven.

The halogen oven allows heat to be controlled by the use of a high-performance fan that is built into the lid of the oven. You will get delicious and tender meats, soft breads, crunchy toast, crispy fries, and proper defrosting with this appliance.

The halogen oven is somewhat similar to the broiler in a conventional electric oven. However, the main difference is in the method of cooking you can do with the halogen oven. Unlike a regular electric oven which can dry out food, the halogen oven is designed to cook crispy skin and tender meat at the same time.

The glass container is tempered to withstand high temperatures when cooking. The halogen oven is a great small appliance to add to your kitchen and considering how inexpensive they are, they make a worthwhile investment.

If you love to cook, you will have an easy time adjusting to the new technology. On the other hand, if you dont have much experience in the kitchen, you actually have an advantage. As a beginner cook you probably havent developed any cooking habits or preferences, so this means you can adapt easily to the halogen oven.

Using this kind of kitchen appliance is not that hard at all. The only part about halogen ovens that you need to get used to is the fact that the heating style is different. However, since there are temperature controls and instructions that come with the oven, you should be cooking great meals in no time at all.

If you love your fries but dont love the idea of using lots of oil for deep frying, then you will be glad to know that you can still have the fries you love without all that oil. You can protect your diet from fatty fried foods and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and still eat the foods you love.

Finding recipes for halogen ovens is very easy. There is generally a recipe book included in the purchase of the halogen oven or you can check out more recipes online at places like Pinterest. Once you get the hang of using a halogen oven you can make simple adjustments to all your favorite recipes.

Left-handed Ice Cream Scoop - A Very Personal Take On Its Challenges And Solutions For People

I have always treated my family and my friends to my own brand of home-made ice cream. Believe me, there is nothing greater than hearing their compliments about how fantastic-looking my spheres of ice creams are on their cones. The thing is it wasnt always like this. You see, I am a lefty, a left-handed individual. Dont blame me but I have always had problems using certain kitchen utensils that perhaps were really designed for right handed individuals.

I had been looking for a long time for a left handed disher scoop that works as well for either right handed or left handed individuals like me. Sure I could have opted for those 1-piece simple ice cream scoop designs that looked more like a cross between a spoon and a soup ladle. Since there were no mechanical parts, that would be the most logical choice for my left handedness, right? Theres a minor hitch. I dont like these types of ice cream scoops. Dont get me wrong but I do admire their simplicity yet ingenuous design, especially those that already integrate so-called heat conducting elements so there really is no need to run the ice cream scoop on warm or hot water anymore. Unfortunately, I am old-fashioned. I do believe that the ice cream is best scooped with a real, original ice cream scoop the way Cralle invented it in 1897. Its probably the best design for commercial ice cream scoops.

Now, I have used quite a lot of mechanical ice cream scoops called dishers. By the way, they are called dishers simply because a single scoop is enough to portion a particular dish. You need a single or two portions of a certain dish? Then you need to be given one or two scoops of that dish. It is perfect for all your ice cream scoop sizes. That is why they called it a disher. Now going back. I did try a lot of left handed scoops. The problem is that some of the release mechanisms are designed in such a way that it can only be operated by a right handed individual. Sure, I still can operate it but at a considerable effort on my part. And that is where my problem is. I was left with 2 choices. One is to teach my right hand to use the tool. The other one was to make my right hand to a lot stronger. Neither was easy.

Then a friend recommended I give the SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop a try. At first I admit I was pessimistic. I thought, Here we go again. Try and then get frustrated all over again. Of course, being a good friend, I did not tell my friend my apprehensions. So I did give the SuperEze scoops a try. I really hoped it would work as a left handed disher. Lo, and behold! It worked like a charm. Sure, the design was like the other mechanical ice cream scoops that I have tried. What I was really impressed with was the identical squeezy handles of the SuperEze ice creams scooper. Because the handles are identical and there were no triggers nor springs on the release system, it felt very comfortable to use. And for the first time in my ice cream scooping lifestyle, I never really felt the pain and soreness that had become characteristic of my ice cream scooping adventures.

Now, I am using the SuperEze ice cream scoop whenever I have to do any food preparations and not only scoop my family and friends their ice cream. The great thing it means I also now have a left handed cookie scoop as well. You can say, my left handedness was answered by SuperEze.   

The Best Kitchen Utensils That Will Make Cooking Easier

Cooking can be fun for people who love to prepare dishes. Even those who know nothing about cooking can enjoy it because cutting vegetables and doing other tasks in the kitchen is really fun. However, cooking can become tiring and can be boring later on when you dont have the utensils that will make the whole process of cooking easy and simple. Thus, it is crucial that your kitchen have the utensils that will help you cook easier and prepare dishes faster.

Below are some of the best utensils that are indispensable in your kitchen:

Cookware Set Without pans and pots, your kitchen wont be complete. You need to have different sizes of these utensils so you can use the right size when you are cooking for a small or big number of people. The advancement in technology has made the availability of nonstick pans and pots. There are brands that offer a complete set with 10 pieces of cookware utensils. This includes saucepans, stockpot, sauté pan, and frying pans. All of these have lids. The advanced cookware set today allows for easy handling of foods.

Cheese Grater There are lots if recipes that include cheese as one of the ingredients. Some examples are pasta recipes and desserts. With this, it is really important that your kitchen has a box cheese grater. Yes, you need one because a dish requires a particular size and form of cheese. Usually a cheese grater set includes a lid, a container, and two or more grating surfaces in different sizes. With these, you can easily grate cheese and keep them fresh, and when there are leftovers, you can store them in the container like the one the SuperEze cheese grater offers.

Measuring Cups You wont achieve the desired taste, texture and look of the dishes if you dont follow the measurement of the required ingredients properly. It is thus necessary to have a set of measuring cups. Most of the time, you need to use different sizes of measuring cups to cook the dishes properly. Usually, the cups have sizes such as 1/3 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup, and 1 cup. All baking recipes require the use of measuring cups. The right measurement of the ingredients hugely affects the outcome particularly the taste of every dish.

Aside from these, the other essential kitchen utensils that you must acquire are a knife set, mixing bowls, cutting board, stand mixer, cutting board, peeler, corkscrew, colander, salt and pepper mills, and peeler. With these kitchen tools, your every cooking experience will be truly fun because every step becomes easier and simpler.