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How To Pair Wine With Your Next Takeaway

Special Wine Pairings for British Indian Curry Dishes

Special dishes need a special wine. If youâre serving Indian curry dishes, especially the ones that have become popular during the time India was a British colony, you must give some serious thought to the wine you pair it with.

Traditionally people drink beer but last I had a takeaway in loughborough when at university we always drink Kingfisher larger when it came to eating our hot curry dishes, beer is typically the drink of choice. There are more people and places realizing that a good wine can bring a full balance to an Indian curry meal and create an elegant dining experience.

To choose the best wine to pair with your curry dishes, you need a little education and some practice since personal tastes differ and the heat and taste of any two curries can vary significantly. While there are many wines you can consider, there are certain wines that usually offer a better pairing with curry dishes than others.

Keep a few basic factors in mind when you look for the different wine options. You may find one, or several wines that fit perfectly with your favourite curry dish. When you find a wine that complements your curryâs flavour, it will enhance your dining experience.

What Should You Look at Before Choosing the Wine?

There are several factors to consider before you start looking for the perfect wine pairing for your curry. The first is the spiciness of the curry. Do you prefer a mild or hot curry dish? Each type of curry dish would pair with a different wine.

A mild curry will have more options available for pairing than a dish that brings on the heat. Consider this fact, the next time you go to your local Indian takeaway as you head home from work.

Generally, you want to stay away from wines that have a high alcohol content. These often have a bitter taste which can clash with the spices and flavours of an Indian curry. In addition, you need to consider the other foods youâll be serving with the curry.

Will the meal include lots of bread? Rich, nutty flavours? This can affect wine pairings. You should consider how certain pairs of wine would work with main dishes versus how it will work with an entire meal. Ideally, you want to find a choice that pairs well with the entire meal.

Where is a Good Place to Start the Search?

Your first step is to look for a wine that has a sweet or fruity side. This means looking for a wine with a lower alcohol level, which is true if youâre set on a red wine.

Generally, the best wine is one that connects with a curry dish. A German Riesling is a good choice. This type of wine offers some sweetness, but not much. It balances the sweetness but doesnât have much.

You must offer the right balance. When in doubt, look for a wine that falls under the umbrella of German Riesling wines. With this wine, you are likely to locate a winner.

Fruity Chardonnays and Pinot Gris, tend to be good choices to pair with a curry dish. They offer a variety of choices and have a fruity balance and low alcohol levels. Youâll find these wines are not too dry to pair with the Indian curryâs spicy heat.

When you start by choosing these types of wine youâre certain to find good options. Eventually, you may be the perfect one for your favourite curry dish.

How A Veggie Slicer Can Improve Your Food

Not a lot of people know this, but the way you slice your vegetables can greatly influence the quality of the meals you prepare. This is because vegetables have specific features and characteristics that make them react in certain ways when handled improperly. Moisture, flavour, and even shelf life can be significantly reduced or improved depending on how you choose to handle your veggies.

The use of a veggie slicer has been advocated by many cooks and professionals throughout the years because of the way it can properly cut up your vegetables prior to cooking.

3 Ways a Veggie Slicer can Improve Your Food

1. Less Bacteria, More Electrolytes Studies have shown that using a high quality, sharp veggie cutter can decrease the chances of your vegetables developing bacteria and other pathogens during storage. If youre preparing a garden salad for example and you intend to serve it for later, sharp cutting your ingredients with a veggie cutter will allow it to last longer and offer more health benefits than if you used a dull blade. A dull blade is likely to sap vegetables of electrolytes and vitamins because of the force and pressure needed to get through the veggies. The excessive pressing squeezes the moisture and minerals out of the vegetables, causing them to be less nutritionally substantial than those that are cut with a veggie slicer.

2. Generally Healthier When we slice our vegetables with a dull, inefficient knife, we risk discolouring it, losing its flavour, lessening its moisture, and reducing its nutritional value. This is particularly true for those who tend to slice their vegetables too thinly or finely. A vegetable slicer is optimized to bring out the perfect thickness and size for vegetable slices and ensures that you wont sap your ingredients of these important qualities. Recent research has shown that meals using vegetables that are prepared with vegetable slicers are generally more nutritious and healthy than those that are prepared with knives or bare hands.

3. Shelf Life Improperly sliced vegetables have a tendency to spoil sooner than their properly handled counterparts. This has a great deal to do with the amount of moisture they lose during the process and the effects this has on their respiration. Yes, contrary to popular belief, vegetables that are harvested are still alive until the time that they give in to rot. These ingredients still respirate and consume oxygen as they go along. The less optimal our methods of cutting, the more likely we are to affect this delicate exchange of gasses which can and most probably will affect the rate at which vegetables spoil. That said, a salad thats prepared with a dull kitchen knife should be consumed sooner than one prepared with a high quality veggie slicer.

A veggie slicer can be a great benefit and should always be included in your kitchen arsenal. If you want to ensure that your family or guests are always given the best quality food you can prepare, see to it that you handle your vegetables and ingredients properly by using a veggie cutter.