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What Do You Need To Know About Undercounter Ice Machine?

Buying an undercounter ice machine is not a big problem at all because a wide range of options are waiting for the buyers from which they can select one item in accordance with the choice. Portable ice making machines come up with different shapes sizes and features; you can select one from tones. But before purchasing undercounter ice machine making each and every buyer should have basic knowledge about the basic features of ice machine.

This writing is talking about some features which must be in your undercounter ice machine. Lets see what these features are.

Essential features of an undercounter ice machine:

While you are going to purchase an undercounter ice machine, what are the essential things that need to be verified

- Is it energy saving undercounter ice machine?

Whether the machine is for commercial purpose or residential purpose, it has to be power saving device; it is eco-friendly as well as helps to save your money. Now energy star rated items are seen in the market, and the buyer can save up to15% electricity and 23% water by using these.

- Do undercounter ice machines have a separate drain or not?

A new model of under counter ice making machine does not possess separate drainage line. It acts as a freezer, but potential buyers are recommended they must avail separate drain line undercount ice making the machine as once the ice starts melting, there has to be drainage facility through which water can easily pass out.

- Have water filter facility or without water filter facility:

There are two types of undercounter ice machines one is with water filter, other is without water filter; it is completely buyers decision which category they want to pick up. But buyers should go with water filtered ice machine as it not only purifies water and makes clean ice but also helps to increase the lifetime of ice machine.

- Should have custom door panel provision:

Undercounter ice machine should have custom door panel for better d├ęcor; otherwise freestanding needs to be purchased. So whenever you look for the undercounter ice machine, door panel must be examined.

- Which one is better air cooled or water cooled undercounter ice machine?

Though air cooled undercounter ice machine is relatively cheap, but it can be proved discomforting device as its little bit noisy and emitting heated air; Whereas water cooled undercounter does not bring discomfort, but electricity consumption rate is quite high.


Careful consideration of these features would have to be given while buyers go for buying undercounter ice machine.


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