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Rabbit dishes are regaining popularity

Rabbits "are helping win the war," proclaimed a Los Angeles Times article from 1943. Touted as a patriotic food during World War II, rabbits were raised by thousands of Americans in their backyards. Along with victory gardens, rabbits helped put food on the table when much of the nation's supply was shipped to soldiers overseas and ration stamps provided less at home. But even though rabbit consumption spiked during the war, it all but disappeared afterward.

Think rabbit today and your thoughts probably veer to cartoon characters, cereal mascots, Easter and adorable pets. Perhaps the only "bunny" you've ever eaten was of the milk chocolate breed. For years, it seems the only place you could find "the real deal" was occasionally on the menu at French or Italian restaurants.

But rabbit appears to be going through a renaissance of sorts.

"I think it's gaining in popularity," says Mark Pasternak, co-owner, along with wife Myriam, of Devil's Gulch Ranch in Marin County. Their farm supplies rabbit to a number of butcher shops and restaurants in and around Northern California, including the French Laundry and Chez Panisse.

And in an era when game meats and nose-to-tail eating are redefining fine dining as food sport, rabbit is both familiar and exotic enough to appeal.

"It almost has a prohibitiony quality to it, like it was something your grandfather ate. It's a great 'old-fashioned' meat," says chef Ken Addington, who, with restaurant partner Jud Mongell, owns LA Chapter in downtown's Ace Hotel as well as Five Leaves and Nights and Weekends in Brooklyn, N.Y. "We've always had rabbit on the menus in Brooklyn. It's a fun, versatile meat."

And though Mongell was hesitant to feature rabbit at first, he's come around to the idea. "In these times when we're trying to be so conscious of what, and how, we're consuming, it's something to consider."

At a time when buzzwords like "organic," "local" and "sustainable" are driving the market, rabbit is ripe for resurgence. According to Slow Food USA, rabbit can produce 6 pounds of meat using the same amount of food and water it takes for a cow to produce only 1 pound. Not to mention the health benefits. Rabbit is a lean meat that is higher in protein but lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than many other meats, including chicken, beef and pork.

But how does it taste?

Domestic rabbit's all-white meat is fine-grained and has a mild flavor compared with other game meats.

"Rabbit is one of my favorite subjects because it is so versatile, like veal or chicken," says chef Evan Funke of Bucato. A favorite dish of his for those new to rabbit is rag¿¿. "Anytime I get the opportunity to introduce people to rabbit, [I do]. Rag¿¿ is easy."

Addington likes to pair bright flavorings, such as citrus, with rabbit; he currently has a lemon grass rabbit rag¿¿ on the menu at LA Chapter.

Though rabbit is mostly available through butcher shops such as Belcampo Meat Co. and Puritan Poultry and online, it is turning up more frequently in upscale markets, including select Gelson's markets. It is usually sold whole, though you can have your butcher break the animal down into parts. (But if you've ever wanted to learn how to break down any four-legged animal, rabbit is a great place to start because it's so small. Do be careful with the bones, however; rabbit bones are even more delicate than those of a chicken.)

And despite its reputation as an inexpensive option during frugal times, store-bought rabbit is not cheap; prices in Los Angeles range from about $10 to $13 a pound for a 2- to 3-pound rabbit.

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The Best Ice Maker Machine Available In Market

Every machine played an important role in changing this world and when this comes to refrigerator then there is nothing like this. This is the thing which helped in food prevention without doing much work. This machine goes through many changes and now there are many products available for the same thing. Ice maker fridge is the best invention because it is power efficient and its portability made it easy to carry. This product is light in weight and you can take this anywhere for the picnic. There is an extension cord which requires 110-volt power. This may vary according to countries. You have to fill water in this machine to get fine ice in a couple of minutes. Information provided by us will be helpful in purchasing good quality ice maker.

Ice Machine Parts

There arent many parts in an ice maker but before knowing about these parts, you need to know about using the method. There is a water container (reservoir) and it is needed to be filled manually by tap water or filtered one. After filling this container up to the limit then power on the ice maker. There is a hole in the bottom which pumps water and filters it. Now the water reach to the top to spikes and the spikes are in the downward direction. These spikes release water to fill the mold completely and sometimes water can overflow so dont worry because this will reach back to water container again. The spikes touch the water surface or it can be half inches inside. The water will start freezing in a couple of seconds due to these metal spikes.

How Does Ice Maker Part Work?

As you know that there is a compressor, condenser, and some other parts. The first thing which works is compressor because this is coolant. The second thing is condenser which has coiled pipes and it transforms coolants heat into pressure liquid. Now there is the high pressure which is needed to be neutralized so expansion valve plays its role. It released whole pressure on coolant. This thing changes the form of liquid into vapor. This way the coolant decreases its pressure and process repeats. The evaporator is the last thing which is heat exchanging pipes and this is another set.

Important Things To Know

There are many benefits of using a portable ice maker but there is some draw back. The ice maker is able to produce ice but it is not able to keep it in this form. There is no freezing in it so the ice will start melting in a couple of minutes. You have to use ice, once it is made. The thing which you can do is to keep it in fridges freezer. If you dont pick ice from ice maker then this ice will melt and water will store again in the reservoir. The best ice maker machine available in the market is Luma Comfort, Ice-O-Matic, Scotsman and Maxx Ice. You can check reviews before purchasing it.

What Do You Need To Know About Undercounter Ice Machine?

Buying an undercounter ice machine is not a big problem at all because a wide range of options are waiting for the buyers from which they can select one item in accordance with the choice. Portable ice making machines come up with different shapes sizes and features; you can select one from tones. But before purchasing undercounter ice machine making each and every buyer should have basic knowledge about the basic features of ice machine.

This writing is talking about some features which must be in your undercounter ice machine. Lets see what these features are.

Essential features of an undercounter ice machine:

While you are going to purchase an undercounter ice machine, what are the essential things that need to be verified

- Is it energy saving undercounter ice machine?

Whether the machine is for commercial purpose or residential purpose, it has to be power saving device; it is eco-friendly as well as helps to save your money. Now energy star rated items are seen in the market, and the buyer can save up to15% electricity and 23% water by using these.

- Do undercounter ice machines have a separate drain or not?

A new model of under counter ice making machine does not possess separate drainage line. It acts as a freezer, but potential buyers are recommended they must avail separate drain line undercount ice making the machine as once the ice starts melting, there has to be drainage facility through which water can easily pass out.

- Have water filter facility or without water filter facility:

There are two types of undercounter ice machines one is with water filter, other is without water filter; it is completely buyers decision which category they want to pick up. But buyers should go with water filtered ice machine as it not only purifies water and makes clean ice but also helps to increase the lifetime of ice machine.

- Should have custom door panel provision:

Undercounter ice machine should have custom door panel for better décor; otherwise freestanding needs to be purchased. So whenever you look for the undercounter ice machine, door panel must be examined.

- Which one is better air cooled or water cooled undercounter ice machine?

Though air cooled undercounter ice machine is relatively cheap, but it can be proved discomforting device as its little bit noisy and emitting heated air; Whereas water cooled undercounter does not bring discomfort, but electricity consumption rate is quite high.


Careful consideration of these features would have to be given while buyers go for buying undercounter ice machine.

Corporate Catering In Seattle - A Great Opportunity To Impress Your Business Guests

If you are seeking a quite different corporate catering in Seattle, you should know that it is a great chance to impress your corporate guests, colleagues or the higher board in the company. Thanks to new Seattle catering services, you can finally take a new twist while saving all your money.

The truth is, every business corporation turns to corporate catering in Seattle. However, not every service is the same and that is why you need to think outside the box and choose a Seattle caterer that offers a great value for the money spent.

Why Consider Corporate Catering In Seattle In The First Place?

You may not know the facts, but corporate catering in Seattle can definitely improve the attendance to your workshop. Undoubtedly, it raises the bar when it comes to the quality of your seminar, workshop - which is why a free and good lunch is also required. And that is how the Seattle catering services help with the fancy food options and box lunches.

The trend with Seattle catering is constantly rising. More and more companies have needed to start watching every cent spent and choose corporate catering that suits their needs and budget - without compromising on the standard of the food. We all know that everyone loves a great snack which is why your workers and colleagues will always be happy by cutting costs and choosing a catering company in Seattle that offers affordable packages and discounts.

From Box Type Catering To Custom Seattle Catering - The Choice Is Yours

You should always expect from your Seattle caterer to do all the work, bring all the drinks and food, as well as the napkins, plates and utensils. After all, you are paying for an exclusive catering service in Seattle and you need to concentrate on your business while the caterers take care of everything else.

The bottom line is that caterers for business should always be looked as partners rather than services. Especially during holiday seasons, you should find a Seattle catering company worth using every time and book the organization whenever you need it. Because of the holiday parties and the greater number of events during the summer, corporate catering is always a choice in the spring and summer months.

So, are you ready to jazz up the service - and choose a corporate catering professional in Seattle? One thing is certain - your guests will love the service!

Types Of Food Packaging, What Are The Most Important Qualities.

How important is Food packaging?

Needless to say that the food plays an important role in the lives of people, and the good development of our material basis, people have a higher requirement in the food supply. But how many people are aware of the importance of Food Packaging and Marketing? In general, food packaging has three advantages: protection, transportation and promotion. This article shows the impact of these benefits and how we benefit from food packaging.

Prevent food from damaging:

Food safety is the highest priority and only those in quality do not harm our health. Therefore, we make use of the packaging materials for food and technology necessary to prevent it biological, physical or chemical, until it is sell to consumers. Take "Tetra Pak" as an example. It has a large proportion of beverage containers market through its high technology that uses the barrier and paper air lights, aluminum and plastic. It can extend the warranty period significantly. Good and good packaging, keep cool and pleasant, no doubt enjoy the food.

Make the transportation easier We can find different types of food packaging such as boxes, can, bottles, bags, etc. Why all these different packages? This is to facilitate the difficulty encounter in transport and prevents the food being directly in contact with air, water or impurities. Usually, people use bottles for liquids and bulk food bags. Promote the products through Graphic designs.

In addition to use environmentally friendly materials and appropriate forms of packaging, designing food packaging is also important. This will help to promote your product and increase your sales performance. Design elements primarily include the wording, color and pattern design. Good graphic designs make use of these features based on product performance, function and shape and attract consumers to buy. Take for instance. Regarding the color, we generally believe that red is for passion and love, while gold represents loyalty and luxury. There are two boxes of the same chocolate in almost the same design except the wrapping strips: one is attached to a golden bow, and the other is wrapped with a red ribbon flower. It is definitely sure that the second item would be more welcome and won more selling during valentines period.

In terms of wording, it also has a decisive impact on the design of food packaging. In addition to information about the food, manufacturers can print distinctive words such as slogans to invite purchase. A good and beautiful food packaging could be an effective method of advertising at lower costs. The importance of food packaging is obvious and benefits both manufacturers and customers

White Wine Might Raise Your Risk Of Developing Melanoma

The festive season is upon us, indicating a lot of us will be enjoying a drink or 2 at office celebrations or household gatherings. However, a brand-new research study suggests it might be worth avoiding white wine; it might raise the threat of melanoma.

Eunyoung Cho, an associate professor of dermatology and epidemiology at Brown University's Warren Alpert Medical School in Providence, RI, and coworkers just recently released their findings in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that starts in melanocytes, which are cells in the leading layer of skin.

While melanoma is significantly less common than other skin cancers - such as basal cell cancer - it is far more fatal. Inning accordance with the American Cancer Society, more than 10,000 people in the United States will die from cancer malignancy in 2016.

Direct exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds and lamps is a primary risk aspect for melanoma. Other risk elements consist of a family history of the disease, having reasonable skin, freckles, light hair, great deals of moles, and having a weakened immune system.

Now, Cho and team suggest alcohol - especially white wine- must be added to the list.

Daily glass of white wine could raise melanoma threat by 13 percent Alcohol is a recognized danger aspect for some cancers, including head and neck cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and esophageal cancer.

For their research study, Cho and Associates examined the information of 3 large studies - consisting of a total of 210,252 adults - to see if there might be a link between alcohol intake and risk of cancer malignancy.

As part of the research studies, participants were required to complete food frequency surveys, which detailed their alcohol consumption, including what drinks they consumed and just how much.

One standard drink was specified as 12.8 grams of alcohol, and research study individuals were followed-up for a mean of 18.3 years.

When looking at overall alcohol consumption, the group found that each liquor taken in daily was connected with a 14 percent greater danger of melanoma.

Nevertheless, when the researchers broke down the results by alcohol type, they discovered that it was the only white wine that could be independently connected with melanoma; each daily glass of white wine was linked to a 13 percent greater threat of cancer malignancy.

According to the group, beer, red wine, and alcohol had no significant influence on melanoma danger.

Another finding of interest was that melanomas on parts of the body that were less most likely to be exposed to UV rays were most likely to be connected to alcohol consumption

For example, adults who consumed at least 20 grams of alcohol daily were at 73 percent higher danger of melanomas of the trunk, however, they were just 2 percent more likely to develop melanomas of the head, neck, or extremities. An additional research study is called for to determine the hidden systems.

Findings support recommendations to limit alcohol intake. Cho says the team was amazed that just white wine could be separately connected with higher melanoma danger, and further research is needed to pinpoint precisely why this might be.

However, she points to previous research studies that have revealed some wines have higher pre-existing levels of a chemical called acetaldehyde, which is understood to harm DNA. About red wine, she states the drink includes a variety of antioxidants that may neutralize the hazardous results of acetaldehyde.

Overall, the scientists state their findings show melanoma should consist of in the list of cancers associated with alcohol intake.

Furthermore, the group says the outcomes support guidelines from the American Cancer Society, which advice limiting alcohol consumption to an optimum of 2 beverages daily for guys and one for ladies.

People who currently have a greater risk of cancer malignancy need to be particularly careful; the authors keep in mind.

" The medical and biological significance of these findings remain to be identified, but for motivated people with other substantial danger aspects for cancer malignancy, counseling regarding alcohol use might be a suitable risk-reduction technique to lower risks of melanoma in addition to other types of cancer."

Eunyoung Cho

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How To Pair Wine With Your Next Takeaway

Special Wine Pairings for British Indian Curry Dishes

Special dishes need a special wine. If youâre serving Indian curry dishes, especially the ones that have become popular during the time India was a British colony, you must give some serious thought to the wine you pair it with.

Traditionally people drink beer but last I had a takeaway in loughborough when at university we always drink Kingfisher larger when it came to eating our hot curry dishes, beer is typically the drink of choice. There are more people and places realizing that a good wine can bring a full balance to an Indian curry meal and create an elegant dining experience.

To choose the best wine to pair with your curry dishes, you need a little education and some practice since personal tastes differ and the heat and taste of any two curries can vary significantly. While there are many wines you can consider, there are certain wines that usually offer a better pairing with curry dishes than others.

Keep a few basic factors in mind when you look for the different wine options. You may find one, or several wines that fit perfectly with your favourite curry dish. When you find a wine that complements your curryâs flavour, it will enhance your dining experience.

What Should You Look at Before Choosing the Wine?

There are several factors to consider before you start looking for the perfect wine pairing for your curry. The first is the spiciness of the curry. Do you prefer a mild or hot curry dish? Each type of curry dish would pair with a different wine.

A mild curry will have more options available for pairing than a dish that brings on the heat. Consider this fact, the next time you go to your local Indian takeaway as you head home from work.

Generally, you want to stay away from wines that have a high alcohol content. These often have a bitter taste which can clash with the spices and flavours of an Indian curry. In addition, you need to consider the other foods youâll be serving with the curry.

Will the meal include lots of bread? Rich, nutty flavours? This can affect wine pairings. You should consider how certain pairs of wine would work with main dishes versus how it will work with an entire meal. Ideally, you want to find a choice that pairs well with the entire meal.

Where is a Good Place to Start the Search?

Your first step is to look for a wine that has a sweet or fruity side. This means looking for a wine with a lower alcohol level, which is true if youâre set on a red wine.

Generally, the best wine is one that connects with a curry dish. A German Riesling is a good choice. This type of wine offers some sweetness, but not much. It balances the sweetness but doesnât have much.

You must offer the right balance. When in doubt, look for a wine that falls under the umbrella of German Riesling wines. With this wine, you are likely to locate a winner.

Fruity Chardonnays and Pinot Gris, tend to be good choices to pair with a curry dish. They offer a variety of choices and have a fruity balance and low alcohol levels. Youâll find these wines are not too dry to pair with the Indian curryâs spicy heat.

When you start by choosing these types of wine youâre certain to find good options. Eventually, you may be the perfect one for your favourite curry dish.

Young Adults 'damage Dna' With Weekend Alcohol Usage

personal breathalyzer

University student is renowned for partying on the weekends, and this normally includes having a beverage or 2. But brand-new research study has found that this level of alcohol usage might trigger damage to DNA. This is inning accordance with a study published in the journal Alcohol.

The National Institute on Alcoholic Abuse and Alcohol Addiction states that around four out of five university student in the United States beverage alcohol and 1,825 college student in between the ages of 18 and 24 die each year as a result of unintended alcohol-related injuries.

According to the study researchers, consisting of co-author Jesús Velázquez of the Autonomous University of Nayarit in Mexico, previous research studying the effects of alcohol usage has mainly been carried out by people who have been consuming for extended periods of time.

These people typically have illnesses as a result of their alcohol consumption, such as liver damage, cancer or anxiety.

However, the private investigators state their research study is "pioneering," as it analyzes the results of alcohol usage on youths who are healthy.

Oxidative damage triggered by alcohol intake

The researchers set out to identify the level of oxidative damage brought on by alcohol usage in 2 groups of individuals in between the ages of 18 and 23. Oxidative tension can cause damage to proteins, membranes, and genes.

One group drank an average of 1.5 liters of alcohols every weekend, while the other group did not consume any alcohol.

All participants went through blood tests to ensure they were healthy and were devoid of any illness or addictions.

The researchers likewise measured the activity of dehydrogenase - an enzyme responsible for metabolizing alcohol (ethanol) into acetaldehyde - along with acetoacetate and acetone activity.

Utilizing a thiobarbituric acid reactive compounds (TBARS) test, the researchers were able to assess the oxidative damage. The trial permitted them to see how ethanol in the blood, and the acetaldehyde produced by dehydrogenase in reaction to ethanol, impacts the lipid peroxidation that affects cell membranes.

Results of the research study exposed that the alcohol-consuming group demonstrated two times as much oxidative damage to their cell membranes, compared with the group that did not drink.

Signs of DNA damage through alcohol usage An additional experiment, called the comet test, was conducted to see whether the individuals' DNA was likewise impacted by alcohol consumption. This involved getting the nucleus of lymphocytic cells in the blood and putting it through electrophoresis.

The scientists discuss that if the cells are malfunctioning and DNA is damaged, it causes a "halo" in the electrophoresis, called "the comet tail."

The experiment exposed that the group who consumed alcohol showed substantially bigger comet tails in the electrophoresis, compared with the group that did not drink alcohol.

In detail, 8% of cells were damaged in the control group, but 44% were harmed in the drinking group. This suggests the alcohol group had 5.3 times more damage to their cells.

However, the investigators say that they were not able to verify there was extensive damage to the DNA, as the comet tail was less than 20 nanometers. However, the private investigators state their findings still raise concern.

In general, they conclude that oxidative damage can be found in young people with just 4-5 years' alcohol drinking history, which this is the first research study to offer proof of this damage in individuals at the early stages of alcohol abuse.

Other research studies have detailed some positive effects of moderate alcohol intake. Medical News Today just recently reported on a research study suggesting that drinking alcohol in small dosages may enhance the body immune system.

Important Wedding Planning Advise From A Professional

Instead of "Can you do exactly what I want within my spending plan?", ask "Will you be able to show me where I should increase my budget and where I can reduce as well?" Budget plans do not constantly remain the very same as well as the details of a wedding can alter along the planning road. Guest counts go up and down, location weddings become regional, and color design turn when a bride gets influenced by a wedding she found on Pinterest. It is essential to know all of this and to likewise have some versatility in your budget plan, or at least a "cushion" for emergency situations and other expenses that aren't constantly predictable. Throughout the assessment, while you will discuss the aspects of your wedding event and exactly what you desire as well as your estimated spending plan, there is a likelihood that the coordinator will ask you concerns that you might not know the answer to due to the fact that you didn't think of them yet. That is completely reasonable, but it's not possible for a planner after one hour of chit-chat to ensure the spending plan will not be busted. I understand what you're thinking: Why trouble working with an organizer if they aren't going to conserve me money? Once again, a planner will conserve you loan, but a skilled coordinator knows how things can alter. I've seen guest counts go from 60 people to over 300, and a destination wedding event four time zones away get pushed back to 20 miles from the bride-to-be's house. The point is, things change including your spending plan and your details. Now, of course, your budget plan isn't really going to alter by 10s of thousands of dollars, however there has to be some versatility as you go through the preparation procedure and make changes since you either a. altered your mind or b. had to make logistical changes. Giving the organizer a variety they can work within and enabling the need to spend more where needed is a much better way to approach the whole "strategy my dream wedding while staying under X dollars." A good planner will also be able to see where you are budgeting excessive, and save that money for another category where you need more. Instead of "Exactly what are some concepts you have for our wedding?", ask "Can you show me examples from your portfolio of wedding events with a comparable style to mine?"

This is so similar to asking a coordinator to hand over her vendor list, other than it's worse. You are generally asking for inspiration and concepts from a designer that creates wedding events for a living. Except you desire this details free of charge. There actually isn't any validation for asking this question either, due to the fact that you should know the planner's design and need to have viewed their portfolio before even reaching out in the first place. Plus, asking an organizer in an hour long assessment to essentially brain storm and offer you ideas you have not currently pinned, isn't really an excellent use of anybody's time. There are plenty of wedding publications out there and two times as numerous online magazines and blog sites to browse. Each magazine speaks with a specific "type" of couple and a particular specific niche of wedding event. The group of brides browsing Style Me Pretty and 100 Layer Cake for inspiration are not the very same brides with stacks of Grace Ormonde on their nightstand. There are the brides that desire bling everywhere, the bride-to-bes that want a barn then everybody else in between. Even if you have no idea your favorite color, you will most likely understand exactly what "type" of bride-to-be (or groom) you are, which's important to understand prior to organizer shopping. Knowing your design and if you're glitter and glam or garland and lace, begin searching for planners that have portfolios that you can not stop pinning. You look at their work and can't choose what you like more. That is the planner you meet. When you consult with that coordinator (or those coordinators), be honest about what you know you want and ask to see something comparable from their portfolio. The perk to asking this question is being revealed examples that you maybe didn't see on their site (because they weren't posted) and it's those examples that will make you lean one method or the other. Plus, the examples they reveal you will prove if you are on the exact same page or never ever visiting eye to eye.

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Vegan Meat Products To Maximize And Strengthen You

Totally removing meat from their diet is usually not top of the priority list for many people. In truth, there are just a few people who recognize that the world does not require the slaughter of innocent animals in order to set our tables for dinner. In parallel, we as humans can live healthy, vibrant lives without meat. Vegan meat items are the very best method to wean yourself off of your meat dependency. They are entirely meatless, however, they still provide a very similar, thick, chewy texture and sensation. And yes, vegan meat items are great on burgers and the healthiest options you'll ever choose. So, why should you use them?

1. Conserve Energy and Fight Environmental Contamination

Check this out: it takes 28 calories of a nonrenewable fuel source to produce 1 calorie of protein in beef and just 2 calories of a nonrenewable fuel source to produce 1 calorie of protein in soybeans? The mathematics are clear, our world requires less production and less meat. That's a good reason right?

2. Conserve The Natural Environments

All of us understand that it takes a lot more land to raise animals for food than it does to produce the comparable dietary substance from plants. Tropical rain forests are now being damaged and changed because of large ranches, and animals are dealt with brutally, being pumped up with drugs and fed their own waste in order to grow or produce as quick as possible.

3. Lower Your Threat Of Cancer & Cardiovascular disease

Yes, it holds true. According to the Physicians Committee for Accountable Medication, vegetarians are up to 50% less likely to obtain cancer. - all due to the fact that they shun meat. On top of that, there have actually been a great deal of investigations that have actually revealed a vegetarian diet plan to reverse heart problems, primarily due to the fact that vegetarian diet plans minimize cholesterol levels.

4. Lower Threat Of Illness And Usage of Hazardous Chemicals

Here is a fact for you to think on: factory farmed animals really bring illness and a great deal of time, these illnesses are the primary source of food-borne diseases. Now, more than ever, pesticides and prescription antibiotics are used in the production of these meats to combat the diseases. These specific pesticides and other chemicals are 14 times more prolific in meats than in non organic plant foods - not to point out that half of all prescription antibiotics utilized in the United States are utilized in stock. This is another reason vegan meat items are getting increasingly more popular.

5. You Do not Have to Have it

We do not have to consume animals in order to live, period. And this is by far the most logical reason vegan meat items are the best option. Rather than abusing the animals and damaging the environment, we can overcome the appetite for flesh, live a healthy life and still fulfill our dietary requirements with vegan meat items and fresh veggies.

In the end, you must understand that a well-balanced diet plan can be achieved without consuming any meat at all. Vegan meat items do consist of protein, in addition to lots of other healthy nutrition. However best of all, they are healthy and scrumptious also!

For more information, please visit to maximize and strengthen your new health plan as a vegetarian.

Enjoy Gourmet Coffee With Hawaii Coffee Roasters, Akamai Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Roasters, Akamai Coffee Co is a Maui coffee roasting firm whose primary goal is to convey the historical Hawaii coffee experience in each and every cup. To produce quality products, Akamai Coffee Co implements the smartest production and presentation techniques in all the areas of the coffee process to ensure customer satisfaction. With Hawaii standing out as the only place in the USA where coffee is produced for general consumption, the company's coffee is locally grown and roasted at a 100% rate.

Growing Reputation

In Hawaii, Akamai Coffee Co has begun to prove itself as a real treasure in the coffee world. With their 100% Maui, their coffee is synonymous with a rich tasting, quality coffee. The company prides itself in its devotion to providing the richest, boldest and best tasting roasts available. From the art to cultivating the coffee fruit to the extended process of extracting and roasting the beans, Akamai coffee roasters take special care observing and learning the process. It is through this dedication that the delicious variety of coffees are created.

The major benefit you get when you buy coffee online is you can choose what you want from a wide selection of coffee. This coffee roasters firm offers one of the world respected brands, the Maui Mokka. This brand won the prize of the Best Coffee in 2014 at the Hawaii Coffee Association cupping contest. Also, you will have a variety of flavors to choose from. Some of these flavors include dark magic extra bold, French vanilla, Vermont country blend, caramel vanilla and much more.

Gourmet Coffee

The company produces not only a variety of flavored coffee but also specializes in gourmet coffee as well. They also use Fair Trade and organic coffee. Several blends like the Fair Trade wild mountain blueberry, Fair Trade organic Mexican select, Fair Trade organic espresso blend are just a few of the gourmet blends available at Akamai Coffee Company. With so many different delicious, flavorful coffees and teas to choose from, there is little wonder Akamai Coffee Company is one of the leading coffee roasters in the industry.


For coffee lovers, Akamai Coffee Companys 100% Maui is the drink for you. Right from the way it is grown to roasting, this company brings out a unique, quality and aromatic coffee to you, matched with excellent service, leaving you with a memorable coffee experience. Indeed, Maui is a magical place that produces some of the most delicious coffee drink in the world.

Finding The Key To The Perfect Waffle

Waffle making has come a long way in the past 60 years. With the advent of ready-to-eat from many fast food outlets and ready-to-heat frozen waffles from supermarkets, the Nation's appetite for these treats has just grown. So who still makes waffles from scratch at home? Well, if truth be told, anyone who believes in the better quality of home cooking in general and waffle aficionados in particular.

There are two types of waffle and any individual waffle maker machine is designed to only make one type of waffle. The classic waffle that we as a nation have historically known, is the thin and crispy American waffle with fairly shallow pockets designed into the top. This is traditionally one of the country's most favored breakfast time dishes. The second type of waffle was introduced to the United States in the 1960's at the World Food Festival in New York. This is the Belgian Waffle and is thicker, while retaining a crispy brown surface and has deep pockets on top that it can accommodate large dollups of whipped cream, syrup, jam or the savoury addition of such things (or so I've been advised) as bacon and sausage. In the intervening years, the Belgian waffle has become as popular, possibly more popular, than its American cousin.

So having decided on your preferred type of waffle, you need to choose a waffle maker. Today, the electric waffle maker machine far out-sells the traditional waffle iron which was basically two cast iron plates held in a flat pan with long handles that was used on top of a cooking stove. These are still available, but give far less control of the baking process and can be rather messy to use. The following video shows the many features of a modern electric waffle maker:

Today's electric waffle makers not surprisingly address the heat source issue by having heating elements designed into the pan that holds the two grid plates. This allows for far greater control of the whole baking process.

The waffle making process is dependent on starting with the right batter mix. It is down to personal preference and taste as to whether you make the batter from scratch or buy ready-to-cook from a store.

The key to making perfect, reproducible waffles each time is then to find a machine that gives you all the control of the process that you personally want.

Most electric machines come with removable, non-stick plates, which not only ensure a clean removal of the waffle from the machine when ready, but also help with the washing up afterwards.

As with any baking machine, you need to try your chosen waffle mix several times in your new waffle maker machine, adjusting the various control settings until you have the exact specification which gives you the perfect waffle that you want to reproduce each time. You will the find that if you stick to that exact process every time, you will get perfectly reproduced waffles every time , no matter how many hungry mouths you are trying to feed.

Should you require more information on what electric waffle maker machines are currently available, make a visit to this link where you will find reviews of all the best waffle makers.

The Halogen Oven Cooking Technique

How can a small cooking device like a halogen oven possibly replace your broiler, range, microwave, and toaster? The answer is just as a simple as the halogen oven itself.

Halogen oven cooking methods are simple. This kind of oven uses electricity to move heat from the halogen bulbs which in turn is responsible for cooking the food.

With a microwave oven you also use electricity to heat or cook food. The main problem is that the heat is not as controlled. As a result in just a few seconds your muffin can turn into a hard lump or your chicken could dry out just because you timed it wrong. This won't happen with the halogen oven.

The halogen oven allows heat to be controlled by the use of a high-performance fan that is built into the lid of the oven. You will get delicious and tender meats, soft breads, crunchy toast, crispy fries, and proper defrosting with this appliance.

The halogen oven is somewhat similar to the broiler in a conventional electric oven. However, the main difference is in the method of cooking you can do with the halogen oven. Unlike a regular electric oven which can dry out food, the halogen oven is designed to cook crispy skin and tender meat at the same time.

The glass container is tempered to withstand high temperatures when cooking. The halogen oven is a great small appliance to add to your kitchen and considering how inexpensive they are, they make a worthwhile investment.

If you love to cook, you will have an easy time adjusting to the new technology. On the other hand, if you dont have much experience in the kitchen, you actually have an advantage. As a beginner cook you probably havent developed any cooking habits or preferences, so this means you can adapt easily to the halogen oven.

Using this kind of kitchen appliance is not that hard at all. The only part about halogen ovens that you need to get used to is the fact that the heating style is different. However, since there are temperature controls and instructions that come with the oven, you should be cooking great meals in no time at all.

If you love your fries but dont love the idea of using lots of oil for deep frying, then you will be glad to know that you can still have the fries you love without all that oil. You can protect your diet from fatty fried foods and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and still eat the foods you love.

Finding recipes for halogen ovens is very easy. There is generally a recipe book included in the purchase of the halogen oven or you can check out more recipes online at places like Pinterest. Once you get the hang of using a halogen oven you can make simple adjustments to all your favorite recipes.

Left-handed Ice Cream Scoop - A Very Personal Take On Its Challenges And Solutions For People

I have always treated my family and my friends to my own brand of home-made ice cream. Believe me, there is nothing greater than hearing their compliments about how fantastic-looking my spheres of ice creams are on their cones. The thing is it wasnt always like this. You see, I am a lefty, a left-handed individual. Dont blame me but I have always had problems using certain kitchen utensils that perhaps were really designed for right handed individuals.

I had been looking for a long time for a left handed disher scoop that works as well for either right handed or left handed individuals like me. Sure I could have opted for those 1-piece simple ice cream scoop designs that looked more like a cross between a spoon and a soup ladle. Since there were no mechanical parts, that would be the most logical choice for my left handedness, right? Theres a minor hitch. I dont like these types of ice cream scoops. Dont get me wrong but I do admire their simplicity yet ingenuous design, especially those that already integrate so-called heat conducting elements so there really is no need to run the ice cream scoop on warm or hot water anymore. Unfortunately, I am old-fashioned. I do believe that the ice cream is best scooped with a real, original ice cream scoop the way Cralle invented it in 1897. Its probably the best design for commercial ice cream scoops.

Now, I have used quite a lot of mechanical ice cream scoops called dishers. By the way, they are called dishers simply because a single scoop is enough to portion a particular dish. You need a single or two portions of a certain dish? Then you need to be given one or two scoops of that dish. It is perfect for all your ice cream scoop sizes. That is why they called it a disher. Now going back. I did try a lot of left handed scoops. The problem is that some of the release mechanisms are designed in such a way that it can only be operated by a right handed individual. Sure, I still can operate it but at a considerable effort on my part. And that is where my problem is. I was left with 2 choices. One is to teach my right hand to use the tool. The other one was to make my right hand to a lot stronger. Neither was easy.

Then a friend recommended I give the SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop a try. At first I admit I was pessimistic. I thought, Here we go again. Try and then get frustrated all over again. Of course, being a good friend, I did not tell my friend my apprehensions. So I did give the SuperEze scoops a try. I really hoped it would work as a left handed disher. Lo, and behold! It worked like a charm. Sure, the design was like the other mechanical ice cream scoops that I have tried. What I was really impressed with was the identical squeezy handles of the SuperEze ice creams scooper. Because the handles are identical and there were no triggers nor springs on the release system, it felt very comfortable to use. And for the first time in my ice cream scooping lifestyle, I never really felt the pain and soreness that had become characteristic of my ice cream scooping adventures.

Now, I am using the SuperEze ice cream scoop whenever I have to do any food preparations and not only scoop my family and friends their ice cream. The great thing it means I also now have a left handed cookie scoop as well. You can say, my left handedness was answered by SuperEze.   

The Best Way To Buy Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are an item that because of the internet can now be sourced with great ease and convenience. The thing is do we buy them from our local coffee vendor or should we buy them from an internet based coffee store?

Well this all depends on what coffee beans you might want and how patient you are, in other words both methods have their benefits. Buying a number of blends from a local store will be pretty straight forward but if you want something like green Kenyan beans then it may be that you have to look a little further and use the internet.

One bad aspect to hunting for coffee products locally is the fact that the variety of products that these local dealers stock is usually way beneath that held by the online sites. Letâs pretend the merchant did not have the items you originally wanted but did have a Green Coffee product you might be interested in and an Iced Coffee product you might also want to look over.

Obviously the next thing you need to do is check out the dealer to look at these coffee items for yourself. This is one of the advantages of using a local coffee dealer, seeing the goods before you actually purchase them.

Being able to evaluate merchandise like coffee makers and also Kenyan coffee beans for yourself is a real important factor if a person is coffee buying. Internet shopping does have its good points but it does lose when it comes to looking at items.

The fact that you have real human interaction with a merchant can often be a terrific advantage. Let's say for example you order a Brazilian Santos pack or a Celebes Kalossi Toraja pack. Letâs also say there is some sort of problem with the goods you have ordered and you need to return it to the coffee vendor where you originally purchased the packs.

Now it could just be a matter of simply trading the merchandise you bought for another item or another model. Product returns in local coffee stores can occur very quickly. Say you had purchased something such as a trick coffee mug or an Italian coffee jug via an online coffee store. You may perhaps have to pay both the delivery costs and the inconvenience of having to wait for the merchant to return your cash or send you a replacement product.

Now a good thing about local coffee dealers is the expertise they can give you. Let's imagine you visit your locally store because you are wishing to order a German coffee thermos. It may be you happen to talk with the person in the store and because of their expertise in the area of coffee products you end up getting a completely different product altogether.

Tips and expertise in the area of coffee products can easily be located on the net but you have to be aware of the proper methods by which to probe and dig for your required coffee guidance.

Hopefully now you are fully aware of the benefits on buying coffee beans online so you will be able to make up your own mind on the subject.

How A Veggie Slicer Can Improve Your Food

Not a lot of people know this, but the way you slice your vegetables can greatly influence the quality of the meals you prepare. This is because vegetables have specific features and characteristics that make them react in certain ways when handled improperly. Moisture, flavour, and even shelf life can be significantly reduced or improved depending on how you choose to handle your veggies.

The use of a veggie slicer has been advocated by many cooks and professionals throughout the years because of the way it can properly cut up your vegetables prior to cooking.

3 Ways a Veggie Slicer can Improve Your Food

1. Less Bacteria, More Electrolytes Studies have shown that using a high quality, sharp veggie cutter can decrease the chances of your vegetables developing bacteria and other pathogens during storage. If youre preparing a garden salad for example and you intend to serve it for later, sharp cutting your ingredients with a veggie cutter will allow it to last longer and offer more health benefits than if you used a dull blade. A dull blade is likely to sap vegetables of electrolytes and vitamins because of the force and pressure needed to get through the veggies. The excessive pressing squeezes the moisture and minerals out of the vegetables, causing them to be less nutritionally substantial than those that are cut with a veggie slicer.

2. Generally Healthier When we slice our vegetables with a dull, inefficient knife, we risk discolouring it, losing its flavour, lessening its moisture, and reducing its nutritional value. This is particularly true for those who tend to slice their vegetables too thinly or finely. A vegetable slicer is optimized to bring out the perfect thickness and size for vegetable slices and ensures that you wont sap your ingredients of these important qualities. Recent research has shown that meals using vegetables that are prepared with vegetable slicers are generally more nutritious and healthy than those that are prepared with knives or bare hands.

3. Shelf Life Improperly sliced vegetables have a tendency to spoil sooner than their properly handled counterparts. This has a great deal to do with the amount of moisture they lose during the process and the effects this has on their respiration. Yes, contrary to popular belief, vegetables that are harvested are still alive until the time that they give in to rot. These ingredients still respirate and consume oxygen as they go along. The less optimal our methods of cutting, the more likely we are to affect this delicate exchange of gasses which can and most probably will affect the rate at which vegetables spoil. That said, a salad thats prepared with a dull kitchen knife should be consumed sooner than one prepared with a high quality veggie slicer.

A veggie slicer can be a great benefit and should always be included in your kitchen arsenal. If you want to ensure that your family or guests are always given the best quality food you can prepare, see to it that you handle your vegetables and ingredients properly by using a veggie cutter.

The Best Kitchen Utensils That Will Make Cooking Easier

Cooking can be fun for people who love to prepare dishes. Even those who know nothing about cooking can enjoy it because cutting vegetables and doing other tasks in the kitchen is really fun. However, cooking can become tiring and can be boring later on when you dont have the utensils that will make the whole process of cooking easy and simple. Thus, it is crucial that your kitchen have the utensils that will help you cook easier and prepare dishes faster.

Below are some of the best utensils that are indispensable in your kitchen:

Cookware Set Without pans and pots, your kitchen wont be complete. You need to have different sizes of these utensils so you can use the right size when you are cooking for a small or big number of people. The advancement in technology has made the availability of nonstick pans and pots. There are brands that offer a complete set with 10 pieces of cookware utensils. This includes saucepans, stockpot, sauté pan, and frying pans. All of these have lids. The advanced cookware set today allows for easy handling of foods.

Cheese Grater There are lots if recipes that include cheese as one of the ingredients. Some examples are pasta recipes and desserts. With this, it is really important that your kitchen has a box cheese grater. Yes, you need one because a dish requires a particular size and form of cheese. Usually a cheese grater set includes a lid, a container, and two or more grating surfaces in different sizes. With these, you can easily grate cheese and keep them fresh, and when there are leftovers, you can store them in the container like the one the SuperEze cheese grater offers.

Measuring Cups You wont achieve the desired taste, texture and look of the dishes if you dont follow the measurement of the required ingredients properly. It is thus necessary to have a set of measuring cups. Most of the time, you need to use different sizes of measuring cups to cook the dishes properly. Usually, the cups have sizes such as 1/3 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup, and 1 cup. All baking recipes require the use of measuring cups. The right measurement of the ingredients hugely affects the outcome particularly the taste of every dish.

Aside from these, the other essential kitchen utensils that you must acquire are a knife set, mixing bowls, cutting board, stand mixer, cutting board, peeler, corkscrew, colander, salt and pepper mills, and peeler. With these kitchen tools, your every cooking experience will be truly fun because every step becomes easier and simpler.

Amsterdam Dinner Show

Known as the Capital City of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has always been one of the most important ports of the Dutch Colony. Home to pillars of literature, such as Hans Christian Andersen, the place is certainly full of magic and beauty. And this year, Amsterdam also serves home to a great Christmas Dinner Show that you can partake in!

Off to the Circus

Your view of the circus may have been distorted over the years, but now, its time to get back to basics, regain some innocence, and enjoy a magical evening filled with surprises and sheer!

The Amsterdam Dinner Show starts with an amazing Magic Workshop where a professional magician would allow you to enter his world, and teach you tricks that you can show off to your family and friends! Youd also learn about objects that you can use for magic art.

Not only that, you wouldnt just be watchingyoud also be given a chance to show off your skills, based on what you have learned! You can now be the star of your own show!

An Entertaining Dinner

After the magic show comes dinner!

An appetizing array of food will be served and while eating, youd still get to watch another spectacular magical show that you certainly wont forget! Surely, the atmosphere of the evening would be festiveand you can bask in it all you want!

Whats more is that you could also opt to buy unlimited drinks for just 8.95/person. You can then enjoy unlimited amounts of cocktails, wine, tea, coffee, and even softdrinks! This way, you could enjoy drinks based on your own preferences and you would not feel dehydrated. Plus, it would be a hassle to get money from your pocket or purse over and over againso this unlimited offer could help you save time and money!

Flexible Rates

While the Circus dinnershow is originally meant for a handful of people, you can contact the organizers to give you discounts if youre only going with another person, or with just around 3 to 4 people. This way, you could still enjoy the showand not feel like you wont have a memorable Christmas!

Make Magic Real

Magic and Circus are not just for kids. In fact, every person on earth could still enjoy these festivitiesand with the help of the Amsterdam Dinner Show, youll be able to have a dashing great timeand experience an event you wouldnt forget for a long time!